This page honours and remembers our

     fellow members who have passed on.


                        Greg Lantry

A short ode to Greg Lantry who’s time on this earth was far too short.


During Greg’s time at HMAS LEEUWIN he became quite close to Shane Jones and his family. So much so that the Jones’ sponsored his weekend leave and was treated as one of the family. He met a lovely girl in his time over in the west, and she was with him until his unfortunate passing.


In 1979 while posted in he joined a few other Naval members on a rail journey back home. There was quite a bit of skylarking going on and his weekend bag ended up being thrown on top of the carriage. Well the bag had to be retrieved somehow, so Greg took it upon himself to climb up top. While he was up there, the train shunted, Greg lost his balance and fell to the tracks while the train was at full speed.The medico’s believe that with this type of fall he would have died instantly. Unfortunately his body was not found until a passing freight train saw his body sometime the next morning. The funeral was held in his home town and between his family and friends, it was standing room only. Greg’s death was quite a shock to most as he was definitely one of the nice guys.


“Rest in peace our friend”

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